The Infosec Rock Star Workshop

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A potentially career and life changing workshop!

Ever wonder why some people in infosec are simply more successful, make way more money, have more influence, and even have more fun?

It’s not because they are “lucky” or because they are more technical or “Geek” than everyone else.

I honestly believe we make our own luck, and although technical skills (or “Geek”) are essential, there are other valuable skills, there is other useful knowledge!

The most successful infosec professionals have a number of strong non technical skills together with their technical skills.

For a very modest investment in your future you can start learning Rock Star skills quickly.

Make more money, have more influence, have a more rewarding career: be more successful!

Chances are if you are reading this, you are in infosec. Infosec has become an amazingly broad field. What a mobile device forensics investigator does is very different than what a CSO does or a cryptoanalyst does. The “Geek Skills” are at least as dissimilar as they are similar.

Rock Star: “A person who is renowned or revered in his or her field of accomplishment.”

In contrast to Geek skills, there are a set of Rock Star skills that apply to just about everyone.

For example, you can be the most incredible Geek ever, but if you do not have some basic Rock Star skills you will not get very far in your career or life! If you can’t communicate with others effectively, never seem to finish anything, smell bad, and are offensive, good luck (OK, I exaggerate somewhat here – very few people, Geeks or others, are that bad!).

In this workshop, you WILL learn Rock Star skills which will allow you to:

  • Own your Trajectory – we need to be continually growing ESPECIALLY in this field. We need to be moving towards Rock Star!
  • Own your Time – actually finishing things you’re doing and not being overwhelmed.
  • Own your Image – you will be damned good, the people that matter will respect you for it, and that will open the door to making more money, getting more done, having more influence and success.
  • Own your Fans and do right by them – this includes coworkers, colleagues, bosses, people you are fans of, and more.
  • Own your Future  – and continue to grow in the right directions. Evolving technically, professionally, and more.

Why Now?

Today Infosec is being discussed in all the boardrooms and at the highest levels of government due to incidents like the breaches at Sony, Anthem, Apple iCloud, Target, Home Depot, the Edward Snowden revelations, and a lot more.

We are at a time of amazing opportunity (and challenge) in Infosec. We are at a tipping point! Grab the opportunity and be more successful!

You can take a few decades to learn these Rock Star Skills (like many of us have) or immediately start and take action by clicking the link above.

We can all make serious moves towards Rock Star!

Geek will only get you so far . . . .

And we all need to keep our geek skills current and often grow them.

But there are other “core competencies” – things as a professional that matter, that make you more effective, which make you happy.

The Infosec Rock Star Workshop will be delivered as 5 online sessions in April, all recorded in case you miss a sessions or want to review them (and that is likely as many people are watching the current Infosec Rock Star videos multiple times!).

Tentative Dates: April 1 (Wed), April 8 (Wed), April 14 (Tues), April 21 (Tues) and April 28 (Tues) at 8PM EDT (UTC-04:00).

Sessions will last 1 hour plus and there will be apple opportunity to ask questions whether you make a particular session or not.

There will be homework and it will require thinking and writing things down. Doing the homework will be valuable as will be reviewing the homework and maybe updating it later.

No, it’s not graded and you do not have to hand it in!

This WILL be a SMALL class!

Only a few people will be allowed in so that I can review and help with homework for those that wish.

With my schedule, I may not repeat this again. As I’m writing this, I’m 8 hours into a 13 hour flight and need to hit the ground running as I often do!

Ever wondered where your work is going, your career, your life?

Maybe you joke that you don’t know what you want to do when you grow up?

Sign up and TAKE CONTROL!
Start moving towards Rock Star today for an incredibly small investment in your future.

This transformational workshop can help you make more money, have more influence, have a more rewarding career: generally be more successful!

⇒ We are starting in April 1 – CLICK ABOVE to sign up!

I have no plans to do this again, and if I do it won’t be so inexpensive.

 Q and A

What is The Infosec Rock Star Blueprint?

A series of 5 Webinars in April focusing on developing the non-technical rock star skills needed to excel in infosec.
They are scheduled for April 1 (Wed), April 8 (Wed), April 14 (Tues), April 21 (Tues) and April 28 (Tues) at 8PM EDT (UTC-05:00).

The timing is not quite right for me. When will the next one be?

Just sign up. It will be recorded. I have no plans for another session, and if I do, it will NOT be this inexpensive.

What if I miss a session? Will it be recorded?

Absolutely, I’m designing the workshop expecting most people to miss a live class or two or more. We all have busy lives and you’ll still have the same experience whether live or recently recorded. There is a lot of interest many time zones away from the East Coast and I know at least two participants has already told me he probably won’t make any of the sessions live – no problem here!

Will there be time for questions?

Yes, including that I’ll be asking people before each session what specific questions they have on the next topic, and asking afterwards if we missed anything. You can ask questions whether live on a session or not.

Are you covering XXYYZ?

Yes 🙂

If there is a topic people are interested in that is not covered initially, and enough interest, we’ll have a follow on session to cover it. If it’s something I am not an expert it, well, I’ll simply go find and interview experts on the topic, just as I have been doing all along with the Infosec Rock Star Project.

If we need an additional session to cover more material, we will add one!

Can I pay by some alternate method?

Absolutely – just email me.

Why are you doing this?

It’s going to fun, people keep asking me too, and there will be massive value too!
And I ALWAYS learn a lot also from participants in my classes.

What about this “homework” thing?

There will be written exercises. No, you do not need to “hand them in” and they are certainly not graded. You can share if you would like. For most exercises there is absolutely no right or wrong, but doing the exercises will have massive value. You will need to think!

Is it right for me?

I’d suggest you read the ebook and watch the videos to decide.

This is designed primarily for people who are somewhere from Stable (from video 3: “At the Stable level, you’ve got a good job. Hopefully you like it, or at least most parts. It pays well. If you lose it, you can probably find another one but there may be a lot of effort involved”) to Authority (again from video 3:”An Authority is a widely regarded and respected expert and in additional has innovative ideas and opinions”).

If you are barely surviving or are a Rock Star already, you will probably find value here but you aren’t right in the bullseye the material is designed for.

Can I be an Infosec Rock Star

I can promise to teach you Rock Star skills and help you move towards Rock Star. I believe everyone CAN move towards Rock Star, and being awesome, amazingly successful, and having a fantastic time are an ongoing progression in life. Rock Star and Rock Stars are not static!

Just passively watching and taking no action will lead to limited results of course – that is no surprise.

This is a Transformational Program – if you take consistent action!