Successful Infosec Consulting

Consulting can absolutely transform your life!

(Enrollment is over! Maybe next time?)

I’ve been consulting since 1990 and it certainly ranks up there as one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life!

Consulting is a great option whether you want to consult on the side in additional to your regular job, are considering full time consulting, or simply want to build consulting skills to open new opportunities.

And we have a some very new, successful, and happy consultants (both part time/on the side and full time) from our first Successful Infosec Consulting class.

There are enormous advantages to consulting and knowing how to consult.

  • The ability to choose meaningful work!

That is a big one for most of us including me. My work makes a positive difference, and if I don't believe a project can't, I simply do not consider it.

There is no "Pointy Haired Dilbert Boss" telling me what to do.

  • Freedom

There is enormous freedom in consulting.

As one example I am currently writing this while watching the waves at Pine Point Beach Maine. I am working here this week while my daughter attends "Surf Camp" - and days when the surf is great I'll surf rather than work!

When Pierre Noel, recently the Chief Information Security and Privacy Officer of Huawei, decided to move back to Europe with his family, he had the freedom to consider all kinds of positions, full time and consulting. He had consulted before many times and simply knew how to do it, and yes, he is happily consulting now.

  • Money

There are certainly opportunities to make lots of money in consulting, and many consultants make 6 and even 7 figures. Making a lot of money is not usually a primary goal and most consultants consider it a secondary or tertiary goal if it is important to them at all.

I can tell you from extremely recent experience however, it is a great feeling knowing that my son's first year college tuition is paid in advance, and should my mother need any financial help I am there for her!


Based on feedback on what would make this more valuable, I've added the following!

One on One Sessions

Everyone's situation, interests, and goals are different. So we have one on one calls with me, one early in the class at your convenience and one after the class, a so called implementation or summary call.

This takes a lot of time but has proven very valuable to participants, and to put in bluntly, this call is about you, not me! I'm here to help.

Consulting on The Side

We certainly discuss consulting on the side during the class, and people have gone on to consult on the side very successfully after the first class.

This module specifically on Consulting on The Side goes into more detail, opportunities, and case studies.

Tell me more! What's the schedule like and details?

Of course there is NO perfect timing - but you know that!

I don't expect everyone to be able to make every session, and that is normal with ALL online classes. Everything will be recorded, and you WILL be able to ask questions before, during, and after, in fact I'll be directly reaching out and asking!


  • August 21 (7:30PM EDT) Getting started, all the basics, what you need to know
  • August 28 (7:30PM EDT) Getting Clients Deep Dive (with lots of examples)
  • August 30 (7:30PM EDT) Pricing, Pricing Strategies, Getting Paid and Negotiations for Consultants
  • September 6 (7:30PM EDT) Getting and Maintaining Desired Expert Status – online and offline strategies
  • September 13 (7:30PM EDT) Making it work long term – Living The Dream for Decades!
    (EDT is UTC-4)

Each session will be approximately 60-90 minutes, and will go longer if needed, will absolutely be recorded, and you can ask questions before, during, and after each session, so if you miss one or more sessions live it simply won’t matter.

(Enrollment is over!)

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Successful Infosec Consulting (3 Payment Option)

This is a potentially life changing investment in your career and life, and only a few spots are available.

It will be a small class will only a few spots available - it has to be due to it's highly interactive format!

The Fine Print (Guarantee)

Obviously everyone should be happy. You get a full 30 days to check out the course, meaning you can take the majority of it, and 100% money back if it’s not for you.