Infosec Rock Star:  2017, a Time of Massive Opportunity  (Video 1)

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23 responses to “(older)Part 1: 2017, A Time of Massive Opportunity”

  1. Pierre Noel says:


    Hey, you featured me again 🙂

    I don’t know if I am a rock star, I certainly don’t see it on my daily activities, but I absolutely enjoy every single day of my work. I love what I do, I have a big smile most of the time, and I know I bring value to my company, as well as to our customers.

    My formula, is to elevate the InfoSec message. Understanding technology is cool, but being able to talk business to business people, and let them know the business impacts associated with InfoSec issues, is what really makes a difference.

    I am regularly dealing with board of directors of the biggest and brightest companies in Asia, or with ministers or president of countries. They don’t listen to me because of my silly French accent, they listen because I speak their language. I know that if I ever let one techno-lingo word escape my mouth, they will feel lost, and will tell me to speak to their security people – last thing I would want to do: most security people are not able to communicate effectively to senior management, and security is seen as wizardry in these companies.

    My trick: I probably spend an equal amount of time reading about cybersecurity, as reading about economy, geo political issues, and talking to people who master these concepts. When I speak to a CEO, I talk about vision, about business strategy, about potential impacts, likelihood. I don’t talk about security per se, I resonate with them. That’s what makes it “different”.

    But, enough about me.

    Ted, I have known you for nearly 30 years – yes, that long – and I am not sure I have ever shared with you how much of a mentor you have been to me. I would probably not be where I am right not if I had not known you, and I want everyone to know what formidable knowledge, wisdom and FUN you bring around you.

    I am immensely proud to have you as a mentor, and as a friend.


  2. Ted Demopoulos says:

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the kind words and I’m having a lot of fun making these videos. I’ve given somewhat similar and evolving talks at a number of conferences and user groups, and this allows me to reach and help more people. And also, the feedback I get is simply invaluable both to make the (almost 100% sure) forthcoming book better, and also to improve my current 5 week Rock Stock course and get new ideas as well.

    It is a lot of work – I was messing with slides and recordings until 2:30AM last night, and was up at 6ish AM both to shoot the beginning of the video in natural light and also because there are very LOUD workmen ripping the shingles literally off my place starting around 8AM each day lately 🙂 My videos are getting better but I still have a long way to go!

  3. Ted Demopoulos says:

    Thanks Russell – to say you’ve run with the material and gotten massive results is an understatement!

  4. Ted Demopoulos says:

    Thanks Jeff – Remember that week well! I haven’t been to San Francisco since surprising (other then the airport) but looking forward to my next trip

  5. Maddie M says:

    Happy New Years Ted!
    Enjoying the video and looking forward to the others

  6. Ted Demopoulos says:

    Happy New Year Maddie and congrats on passing your GSEC!

  7. Frank says:

    Happy New year to you and yours. I’m looking forward to the next videos, Ted.
    Rockstar, to me, means a person, other people want to listen to so much that they are willing to pay for it.

  8. Jon Aluveaux says:


    HNY. Looking forward to the rest of the series and your upcoming book.

    • Ted Demopoulos says:

      Thanks Jon – everything at the publishers now, waiting on them (and I’m sure there is more I need to do for them!).
      And working on video #2 tonight!

  9. Pat M says:

    Wow – great video! Just curious, what kind of camera did you use?


    • Ted Demopoulos says:

      Hi Pat,
      The beginning is simply shot with an iPhone and cheap lighting from Lowes, followed by screen capture with Camtasia of PowerPoint slides.

  10. Robert Smith says:

    I haven’t though of all the bad news as opportunity, but it obviously is! Clearly you have the superior mindset Ted!

    This IOT thing and security scares me …

    • Ted Demopoulos says:

      The IOT thing scares a lot of us Robert – looking at an IOT Security based startup in Montreal myself. Lots of opportunities in the IOT and security space!

  11. Wherever you are in your quest to becoming an InfoSecRockstar, Ted has meaningful and relevant content that you can use.

    • Ted Demopoulos says:

      Thanks as always Russell! Hope Nashville has been a blast – only been once, with Doc Blackburn, and it’s on the list of places to just visit for fun, including music of course!

  12. Diaa Elgendy says:

    Thanks Ted for wonderful content

  13. Mary Smith says:

    A positive and correct way to look at things – we do have lots of challenges and that creates many opportunities.

    I saw far more opportunity once I stepped out of my “I am a geek first and foremost” mindset to “I exist to support my organization!

    • Ted Demopoulos says:

      Yup, this “I am here to support my organization” mindset is something I wish I had 20+ years ago! It would have helped my career progress faster I’m sure.

  14. Steve Launius says:

    I am at the cusp of being more than just a geek and maybe even a rock start one day. I’m reaching ahead by build my communication and leadership skills, while also reaching back by solidifying my technical skills. While applying for masters school at SANS STI, I was glad I came across and I’m looking forward to more videos and your book.

    • Ted Demopoulos says:

      Hi Steve,
      Thanks for the comment – of course I’m biased, but I think the SANS STI Master program is awesome. Although my masters is from before they existed, I’m on faculty. Hopefully we’ll have a class together!

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