From Expert to Infosec Rock Star: Video 3

Video Three: Please leave a comment below. Next video is in a very few days!

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11 Responses to “From Expert to Infosec Rock Star: Video 3”

  1. Robert Smythe says:

    IS this the first comment? I’d better type fast and hit “Submit comment” 🙂

    Thanks for the videos Ted – looking forward to what’s next. It has changed my perspective on several things!

    Will you let us know this week?

  2. Ted,

    Communication is what separates the people that advance in Security not just the technical skills. This inspires me to carry on as I have been focusing on communicating better. I would like to participate in that live seminar. Thank you!


    • Ted Demopoulos says:

      Absolutely agreed – communication is key, and we can always get better. It’s relatively easy to communicate among our peer group, and it gets progressively harder as we try to communicate with people with different backgrounds, experiences, world views, etc.

  3. Carlos Ortiz says:

    In a word…INVALUABLE!

    • Ted Demopoulos says:

      Thanks Carlos – doing my best, and truth be told, the info has been greatly fined tuned and improved by feedback from lots of people like you!

  4. Fred says:

    Thanks for putting together all this information Ted! Looking forward to details of the class!
    Perfect for a Geek like me that wants to become a “Geek+”

  5. Rick Bercuvitz says:

    I agree that non-technical skills are vital for technical people, so that they can work well with the rest of the organization. The most effective technical teams are those that include individuals possessing a skillset that combines technical, managerial and communication skills, as well as “social intelligence” and “emotional intelligence”.

  6. Rafael says:

    The question is , how much Tech is enough?.
    I am getting SANS certs and I know I lack some of those soft-skills, finding the balance it’s not easy.

    My question is should I only be cert guy , have a masters or how much?.

    Certs vs. Masters for example.

    • Ted Demopoulos says:

      Great question Rafael! A lot depends on what you want to do – for example I could have stayed 100% techie, maybe still doing pentesting etc. but that’s not the path I chose.

      In regards to a Masters, a Masters, any “formal” education and degrees in fact, are awesome. They are more important when you are earlier in your career. For example my masters was a big deal when I got my first full time technical job. Now, no one much cares. That said, I do wish I had finished my PhD but working with computers was just so much more fun than school!

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