Moving towards Infosec Rock Star Status: Video 1

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21 Responses to “Moving towards Infosec Rock Star Status: Video 1”

  1. Ivo Tcholakov says:

    Hello Ted,
    Great video!
    Waiting impatiently for the others.
    With Best Regards

    Ivo Tcholakov

  2. Ron says:

    Nice to see an old friend listed as an example of a well deserved Rock Star!

  3. Randy Braatz says:

    Great video and easy way to consume your advice! Ted, you are a Rock Star! Looking forward to the next one.

  4. Guido says:

    Shout out to “Farmer-Dude”!! Gr33t5!
    Great vid Ted! Prost!
    Rock on Sans!
    Doing what you love is great!
    Becoming certified is $mart.

    I am soul searching to find my center in INFOSEC

    So many areas of knowledge, where or when does one choose their niche?

    Love it all, master of TBD

    • Ted Demopoulos says:


      Love that the way you put it, trying to find your “center.”
      Even when you find it, it can move.

      For example, if your center was Forensics, it has become such a broad field that you may need to find your center in Forensics, perhaps Mac forensics or mobile forensics or enterprise forensics.

      Once upon a time, computer security itself was a narrow niche. It was my center. Now it’s Cyber Defense, which itself is extremely broad.

  5. Julius says:

    Thank you Ted. Looking forward to the next installment.

  6. Ted Demopoulos says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Next video coming by next week – just need to do some minor editing and upload, and rather busy starting the SANS 501 Advanced Security Essential this morning (yup, starting on a Saturday!)


  7. Linda says:

    Great video Ted! Looking very much forward to the next one.

    I thought I was on my way up, as George Jefferson used to say in the sitcom The Jeffersons, “moving on up.”

    Suddenly a couple of somewhat major bumps, career and personal wise, and I’m not sure.

    I’d have to say I’m with a good org but quite underemployed and under challenged at work (an understatement), and my personal life is in shambles as well.

    Looking forward to any advice and the next video!

    • Ted Demopoulos says:

      Hi Linda,
      Life and work are never a straight path to anywhere. There are always big ups and downs. It’s normal.

      Certainly I’ve had times where I didn’t have great work or enough work. When my first son was born for example, there were medical issues and I took 6+ months off – it was very hard to restart! Took way more than 6 months!

      And last week, trying to fix a six day/5 night bootcamp (SANS SEC401) into 5 days was insane and I didn’t feel remotely like a Rock Star – more like a beast of burden 🙂

      My personal life at times has also been extremely tumultuous as well, which can make concentrating on anything hard to do!

      Ups and downs, in many cases big ones, are just a part of life.
      At least I’m enjoying the ride – well, most of it.


  8. Mohammed says:

    Enjoyed the video – looking forward to the next ones.

    I’ve been in two of your classes, one live (in Dubai) and one online.

    Are you considering an “Infosec Rock Star” class? That would Rock 🙂

    • Ted Demopoulos says:

      Let’s finish the video series first Mohammed and then see 🙂 I will (eventually) have a longer 45-60 min video too that I’ll be doing for BSides and releasing to all (I’m gone during BSides but will make a “video appearance” I hope!)

      If enough interest, I’d love to do a day long or so Infosec Rock Star workshop, but we’ll see. Would need a lot of help and feedback on exactly what people want and find most valuable!

      Thanks for the feedback.

  9. Jayne Mullins says:

    Thrilled for friend Cindy Murphy being recognized…gosh I owe this woman a bottle of champagne. Great video (and wishing I’d done more in 1983 than just learn BASIC).

  10. Jayan says:

    Hello Ted ,

    It’s a great initiative , Good and impressive Video !!! Waiting for the NEXT.



  11. Deon says:

    Great video, thanks. Busy with masters and this has helped me with some excellent motivation at just the right time.

    Many thanks and cannot wait for the other videos.

  12. Jim Curtin says:

    Brilliant. Looking forward to next two parts in the series.

  13. Jockel Carter says:

    Great Start Ted,

    Waiting for the others to drop.

  14. Amna says:

    Hi Ted
    Verrry motivating
    Rock star to me means being , like you, motivating others and sharing the info sec knowledge via talks , presentations etc ( and spreading the beauty of the field and the passion for becoming even better info sec profession)

    great video looking forward for more

  15. Michael Yannayon says:

    Thanks Ted,

    A great video and cant wait for more!



  16. Doc Blackburn says:

    I believe in this man’s message. 😀 Be a Rock Star!

  17. Harold says:

    Really like the actionable content in Video 2 and 3!

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