Rapid Expert Status - Legitimately & Ethically (Video 2)

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21 responses to “(old)Part 2: Achieving Expert Status Quickly”

  1. Cris Smith says:

    So much actionable info – I’m going to look into Toast Masters. I know a friend is a member and raves about how great it is.

    • Ted Demopoulos says:

      Most people who get involved with Toast Masters speak very highly of both the organization AND their experiences. And their are chapters everywhere – for example I just looked and their are several near me in the not-so-big town in Saudi Arabia I’m was just in.

  2. CJ says:

    Sorry Ted, but I’m horrified of public speaking and I hate writing. But I am an extrovert and love the idea of building authority and expertise by volunteering.
    I already helped out at a BSides and think I’ll volunteer for my local ISC2 chapter. You are right, they are *always* looking for people to help it seems

    • Ted Demopoulos says:

      Sounds like volunteering is perfect for you!
      No need to permanently discount speaking or writing though.
      Still, you don’t have to speak CJ – I am amazed I do it a lot and like it. I’m no natural. And as far as writing goes, I always hated writing and now enjoy it – but you do not need to write.

  3. Aditya says:

    My life changed after I saw these webinar videos back in Jan 25th 2017.

    Back then (and more so now), I’m a Toastmaster and a Freemason. Majority of the Freemasons are either a Rotarian and/or JCI Member.

    So speaking at any of these venues is not gonna be a challenge. 🙂

    • Ted Demopoulos says:

      Hi Aditya,
      Thanks for stopping by and your comments!
      Glad you’re back for the new and updated versions of these videos

    • RogerB says:

      These videos haven’t changed my life yet, I’m just seeing them now, but they have changed my thinking which is Step #1.
      Awesome job Ted!

  4. Hampton says:

    I’m going to echo Aditya’s comments.
    I’m not going to go as far as saying your videos have changed my life, but they have reenergized my professional career and trajectory. I’m excited!
    I also belong to toastmasters, a relatively recent member, and my speaking ability and especially comfort have skyrocketed. Thanks Ted!

  5. JaneG from Oz says:

    So MUCH actionable information!

  6. Rocky "Smitho" says:

    Enjoying the videos Ted, and I’ve also pre-ordered your book from Amazon!

  7. LizT says:

    Thanks for the “too old” question. It’s been on my mind but I was too shy to ask. I see so many infosec rock stars who either started in their 20’s or are in their 20’s now and I’ve wondered how can I fit in this profession when I’m 50+.

    • Ted Demopoulos says:

      Liz, just looking at the UK Retraining Academy I was part of this year, we had many people in their 50s and 60s entering infosec. Yes, we probably had more 20 and 30 year olds, but we had all ages. And if you look at the people I typically work with in my consulting and teaching, we similarly have all ages.
      And although it’s very subjective, if I look at people doing the most interesting things in infosec, again, the age distribution is very broad from very young (as in high school) to 60s and beyond.
      I think the reason we (and I include myself here), ask this and similar questions so often is that it’s a relatively new field, and although experience definitely helps, we don’t have 70 year olds with 50 years of extremely valuable experience, and 60 year olds with 40 years of extremely valuable experience, etc.

  8. Mick Douglas says:

    This one really resonated with me. All too often we let “imposter syndrome” prevent us from reaching for the stars we were meant to grab. I’ll be sharing this with some of the folks I mentor.
    This was really well done. Kudos

    • Ted Demopoulos says:

      Thanks Mick!
      The Imposter Syndrome is rampant, and there are lots of books, scholarly articles, and more on it. And we all suffer from it to some extent at least occasionally. I’ll look at some of the people in my classes sometimes, for example, and the amazing things they are doing, and think, “Who am I to teach them anything?”
      I believe part of it in infosec is that it is so easy to concentrate on what we don’t know, and there will always be a lot we do not know, instead of what we know regardless of how valuable that may be.

  9. Sketch says:

    I loved video one. This one is even better. I’ve taken 2 pages on notes!

  10. Kevin Lewis says:

    Hi Ted. Great coverage on Rapid ExpertStatus. Thanks

  11. Ted,

    As always, you provide practical steps coupled with motivation to get out there and do something to achieve Rock Star status. Keep up the great work!

  12. The Pipster! says:

    I love the term “Inflection Point” as well as “Singularity.” You are right – it’s more than a Tipping Point

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