Infosec Rock Star:  From Expert to Rock Star  (Video 3)

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9 responses to “(old) Part 3: From Expert to Infosec Rock Star”

  1. Roxy says:

    You go Ted!

    • Ted Demopoulos says:

      Not even going to ask how you found the video a minute after I posted it, way before I emailed everyone 🙂

  2. Luther says:

    Enjoying this series – I’m going to go back and watch them all over again this weekend with a nice glass of wine! Preferably after the family has gone to bed and it’s quiet and I can concentrate – I’ve already taken a couple pages of notes!

    • Ted Demopoulos says:

      Happy National Wine Day BTW! Wine is illegal in this country, but I’ll have a glass as soon as Lufthansa hits the border in a few hours!

  3. Erik says:

    If you are interested in growing beyond a basic infosec engineer you need pay attention because just doing a small amount of what Ted teaches will help your career.

  4. Sketch says:

    Ted, Awesome video series! I’ve gotten a lot of of these and looking forward to your upcoming class!

  5. Kevin Lewis says:

    Excellent coverage on the path to being a Info Sec Rock Star!

  6. i386 says:

    Get ready Ted – I’m taking the class for a second time!

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