Infosec: A Time of Increasing Opportunity!  (Video 1)

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37 responses to “Part 1: A Time of Increasing Opportunity!”

  1. Elgon says:

    Ted, awesome video – going to ask some technical details on how you produced it later!

    • Ted Demopoulos says:

      Video is pretty simple, the live video is shot with an iPhone and some inexpensive lights from the hardware store, and a $15 clip on microphone. The slides are PowerPoint and recorded with Camtasia which is also used for video editing (I love Camtasia and it also has a free trial available)>

  2. Linda Flanders says:

    Love the lobster analogy! It resonated with me.

    • Ted Demopoulos says:

      Thanks Linda – it really resonates with me too. Maybe in part because I can see lobster traps out my front window much of the year in Maine!

  3. Thank You. I really appreciate the content you are creating for us. And The Book of course.

  4. Pierre Noel says:


    As you featured me again, I’m leaving a similar comment to last time.

    I don’t know if I am a rock star, I certainly don’t see it on my daily activities, but I absolutely enjoy every single day of my work. I love what I do, I have a big smile most of the time, and I know I bring value to my company, as well as to our customers.

    My formula, is to elevate the InfoSec message. Understanding technology is cool, but being able to talk business to business people, and let them know the business impacts associated with InfoSec issues, is what really makes a difference.

    I am regularly dealing with board of directors of the biggest and brightest companies in Asia, or with ministers or president of countries. They don’t listen to me because of my silly French accent, they listen because I speak their language. I know that if I ever let one techno-lingo word escape my mouth, they will feel lost, and will tell me to speak to their security people – last thing I would want to do: most security people are not able to communicate effectively to senior management, and security is seen as wizardry in these companies.

    My trick: I probably spend an equal amount of time reading about cybersecurity, as reading about economy, geo political issues, and talking to people who master these concepts. When I speak to a CEO, I talk about vision, about business strategy, about potential impacts, likelihood. I don’t talk about security per se, I resonate with them. That’s what makes it “different”.

    But, enough about me.

    Ted, I have known you for nearly 30 years – yes, that long – and I am not sure I have ever shared with you how much of a mentor you have been to me. I would probably not be where I am right not if I had not known you, and I want everyone to know what formidable knowledge, wisdom and FUN you bring around you.

    I am immensely proud to have you as a mentor, and as a friend.


  5. Eddie G says:

    Hey Ted, just saw on twitter you are in Oslo! We just missed each other by a couple of days.
    Meanwhile I’m digging the video and love how you go from live video of you to PowerPoint!

    Looking forward to the rest of your miniclass, and I’ve ordered your book as well!

  6. I kind fell into this job, so it’s hard to think of myself as having opportunities outside of the job I do. There was no official training at the beginning, I just filled a void. Thank you for providing the bigger picture.

  7. Mia says:

    Hey Ted, great video! I’m already looking forward to the next one. Also, your book arrived today and I’m excited to get started on it, thank you!

  8. Winston says:

    Ted, you are totally rocking it with these videos! I have come away with a couple pages of notes and ACTIONABLE ideas that are going to be FUN to do!

  9. Thank you Ted eternally grateful. I did my first talk recently volunteering at the Sacramento Fusion Center. They asked me to talk to young teens from for group homes. nerve wrecking but a great experience…

  10. Ursula Johansson says:

    Hi Ted !
    You said we could just say Hi if we wanted 🙂
    This is Ursula from Oslo – not sure if you remember me from last week. I was not in your class but I joined a few of you briefly one night,

    • Ted Demopoulos says:

      Hmmm, short Blonde hair, we were at Togartta Botaniske, and the bartender Johannes made an extremely herbal gin based drink that was nearly pink-tinged for you that you absolutely loved. And you and Johannes were talking about me in Norwegian and think I didn’t know 🙂

  11. Ursula Johansson says:

    We were talking about you! But only good things, including that he was impressed by your palate.

  12. Mike says:

    Hi! 🙂

    Look forward to the arrival of the book!

  13. Fred J says:

    Ted, I don’t know how you do it – with all the travel, kids, etc. to actually finish a book! Congrats!
    I’ve been writing a book for THREE years and still need another 6 months minimum.
    Read InfoSec Rock Star quickly, as in I couldn’t put in down, and now reading it again slowly, digesting the material, taking endless notes, doing the action items, etc. Having fun!

    • Ted Demopoulos says:

      Besides thanks, I’ll say one thing about finishing a book Fred: Deadlines are your friend! And my publisher and I agreed on deadlines!

  14. Eagerly waiting for the blueprint. And of course the next video as well. Thank You!

  15. Bob Goldy says:

    You said to just say “hi” – so “hi”
    Enjoying the videos – lots of value!

  16. Martii says:

    Hi Ted,
    Lots of great things here! The videos have helped me focus and I’m moving forward.
    I’m not a natural writer, but I’m writing an awareness piece for the company newsletter, and signed up for the local BSides – might see if they need volunteers as well.

    • Ted Demopoulos says:

      Thanks Martii
      I’m not a natural writer either, it took work to get to where I am writing wise and I enjoy it now (I didn’t used to). It’s great you are taking action!

  17. Ted I enjoyed the 3 videos, Thank you for all the tips and advice, looking forward for more.

  18. Utchay Okorie says:

    Hey Ted!

    Thanks so much for doing this. This is gold for aspiring CISO’s and cyber pros alike. I got the book also and I’m starting in on it. Looking forward to catching up with you soon. Keep rocking!

    • Ted Demopoulos says:

      Thanks Utchay!
      I’ve heard from Jen from out class also today. You know what might be great idea ? (not saying I’m the one to do it, but maybe.) An interview series of current CISOs. Have a stock set of questions to start the conversation and see where it goes. I’m glad if someone wants to run with my idea as well …

  19. Gavin Smith says:

    Great putting them all together on this “all access” page – I’ve watched them twice, and watched video 2 three times. Lots of value and I’ve taken lots of notes!

  20. Kevin says:

    Hi Ted,

    Great book, got mine last week and recommended to my working community.

    Thanks you for opening my eyes to this, I was all about the geek, which brought me alot of respect from my peers but think your insights will take me to another level.

    I suffer from the problems of going straight to geek with senior management and getting frustrated when they don’t get me.


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