5 Massive Infosec Career Mistakes Download

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Woody Allen famously said that “80% of success is simply showing up.”


Some days off are more interesting than others!

There is a lot of truth to that statement, and I’m going to add that you not only need to show up but you also need to  avoiding screwing up!

While we all make mistakes (how many failed experiments did Edison need before he produced a practical electric light bulb?), we want to avoid making major mistakes for extended periods of time.

Many of us have and will continue to make the major mistakes that follow; I certainly have!
If you recognize them, you can correct your course sooner rather than later.

Make sure you review what you’re doing periodically as what may be a wise course
today may be a foolish choice tomorrow.

The world, and especially our field, is changing rapidly!

Ted Demopoulos

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    Great report Ted – thanks!

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