I am so happy you have joined us!

I am so happy you have joined us!

There will be much more information coming soon – class starts Oct 16th mid week, with additional modules released every week for 5 weeks total.

We will also have multiple ways to interact with each other, ask questions, and so forth!

Expect to learn a lot and have a lot of fun.
Here is our tentative schedule – we will have additional bonus material etc.

  • Week of Oct 16: Own your Trajectory – we need to be continually growing ESPECIALLY in this field. We need to be moving towards Rock Star!
  • Week of Oct 23: Own your Time – actually finishing things you’re doing and not being overwhelmed.
  • Week of Oct 30: Own your Image – you will be damned good, the people that matter will respect you for it, and that will open the door to making more money, getting more done, having more influence and success.
  • Week of Nov 6: Own your Fans and do right by them – this includes coworkers, colleagues, bosses, people you are fans of, and more.
  • Week of Nov 13: Own your Future – and continue to grow in the right directions. Evolving technically, professionally, and more.
  • Beyond (Nov/Dec): More Interactive Sessions!

Rock on!!

PS: You can always email me directly – ted@demop.com