The Breakfast Martini

breakfast martini

A cheerful friend having a Breakfast Martini, while I cook breakfast

The Breakfast Martini, what ????

Although Rock Stars are known for excess at times and although alcohol in moderation regardless of time is not inappropriate, The Breakfast Martini is not a Martini you have at breakfast. The Breakfast Martini is a specific drink that is delicious regardless of time or day. It even has it’s own Wikipedia Page!

It was created by mixologist Salvatore Calabrese and owes its name to one of its ingredients, marmalade.

I’d suggest you follow my directions, not the ones on Wikipedia!


2 Shots Gin
3/4 shot Cointreau (or cheap triple sec if you’re cheap!)
3/4 shot fresh squeezed lemon juice (that means you squeeze it as you are making the drink)
One tablespoon Orange Marmalade
Optional lemon twist

The Breakfast Martini is served straight up, lemon twist and young woman optional. I usually skip the twist.

First combine the lemon juice and the marmalade in a mixer WITHOUT ice. Shake vigorously. A chemical reaction will occur as evidenced by fizzing sounds and the generation of gas. Add the gin and shake vigorously. More reactions occur.

Next add the Cointreau and ice and shake. Strain into a cocktail glass.

If you mix everything together at once, the drink will be nice, but not much marmalade will make it into the drink. The marmalade will primarily be frozen sludge on the ice cubes.

And as a side note I must mention that the longest lived Rock Stars stopped living lives of excess long ago and hence are still alive and well! Even Keith Richards apparently . . .

7 Responses to “The Breakfast Martini”

  1. Fred says:

    I made it with vodka since I didn’t have gin and it was great. It did not make such a lovely looking lady suddenly emerge though!

    The Fredster

  2. Linda says:

    Hey, she looks familiar! TV? Movies?

    As for the drink, maybe – I’m more of a beer girl

  3. LC says:

    Great dress!

    Had a Breakfast Martini recently at a craft cocktail bar somewhere in The Haight – delicious.

    Strong, nearly knocked me on my ass!

  4. Clydemnestra says:

    Wow – delicious. Followed your recipe to a “T” – except my husband and I had it after dinner 🙂 Going to try a little bit more marmalade next time, although ours was old and maybe not as flavorful as when fresh (who knows how long it had been in the fridge!).

    Makes a wonderful dessert.

  5. Lex says:

    Finally tried it! Great drink, easy to make, didn’t have it for breakfast though. Pre-Dinner

  6. Rex says:

    I recognize that woman from a conference!

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