Speakers are Experts

Rockstars are experts, and many are speakers. If you are “the Speaker” you are automatically considered an expert. Some of you will immediately revolt here, as you claim you do not know enough yet to speak and maybe you are terrified of speaking. We all have useful information we can share! First of all, we […]

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In Infosec: You are what you . . .

Although it’s not quite as simple as “You are what you eat” . . . Unless you really are one of the top Rock Stars in your field and can do occasional stupid shit just because you want to (think George Clooney in “Men Who Stare at Goats), the issues below matter. They matter a […]

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So You Want To Be A Consultant?

I get a lot of questions about becoming a consultant. I’ve been a consultant for close to 25 years, so I should know something about it. In reality, not so much, but I can share what I know and recommend an awesome resource or two. Consulting seems like a Rock Star life at first. I […]

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