Three Rock Star Assumptions

I’m making three assumptions here about you, gentle reader:

  • Security is more than just a job to you

I may never have core surfer competence, necessary to be a Surfing Rock Star

You actually like what you do. No, not every single part of work, but you rather like working in security, you like it a lot. A lot a lot a lot.

Maybe you got into this field by accident, maybe because it pays, or maybe because you’ve always been fascinated by security – it doesn’t matter why. It’s a great place for you to be. Can I use the word “passion?”

You will never be a Rock Star if you do not love what you do.

  • Keith Richard loves playing guitar.
  • So does Eric Clapton.
  • BB King loves the blues.
  • And Steve Jobs loved doing his Steve Jobs gig, however you might have defined it.

If what they did was just a job, they never would have excelled. They would not have hit “Rock Star” status.

Notice I’m NOT saying security has to be your only passion in life. That would be silly. For example I could stop doing security (although probably not following developments etc.) and become a professional surfer easily (assuming I could actually surf well, which I can’t), or a direct marketer, because I love that ethical wide scale social engineering which is what direct marketing is.

  • You are at least capable of (fundamental) competence, a fair bet if you are reading this

Geeks regularly underestimate their competence in my experience. You need to be fundamentally competent, which includes you having the core innate ability to “get it.”

Look, some people are just not designed for security, just like I’m not designed for music (I’m pretty tone deaf and that just is not going to change). You need basic aptitude and ability and knowledge.

I can bang on my piano playing old time jazz and blues forever, but I’m never going to do much more than have a lot of fun (a most honorable goal in itself) and perhaps annoy my neighbors!

  • You’re probably very good and absolutely want to get better

You’ve got to be (or become) damn good at what you do. Yes, being great isn’t enough, just like passion alone isn’t enough. I know enough passionate musicians who just ain’t got the talent. I have also met some technically extra competent, perhaps gifted, musicians who would rather do something else.

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    • Dan
    • November 2, 2014

    I think if it wasn’t more than just a job none of us would be reading your site (voraciously I might add)

      • Ted Demopoulos
      • November 2, 2014

      Fair enough Dan!

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