Be The First, the go to guy (or gal)

The spoils go to the victor, the first. Often it’s the first in the mind, the go to guy or gal.

The second is frequently far far behind. The 5th is always lost in the pack.

Do you want to be the BEST forensics person or pentester or whatever LOST in the pack?

  • The first Google search engine result gets 36.4% of the clicks, the second 12.5% – and the 5th a measly 6.1%.
  • You either get the contract (or the girl or the guy) or you do not.
  • Sometimes #1 wins and everyone else loses.
  • Sometimes it is even literally life or death.

A few quick questions about “First”:

Who was the second? Who cares?

In general, no one cares. Yes, perhaps you know Buzz Aldrin was the second to walk on the moon, and Bert Hinkler was the second man to cross the Atlantic and they are pretty cool, but apparently not even Google knows who the second women was to singlehandedly cross the Atlantic.

No one knows or cares who the second is.

The Grateful Dead
The Grateful Dead: Number 1 in a Category of One!

In What Can You Be First?

Of course, you may be able to create or find a developing area and be the first, perhaps in the world, or your industry, or your region, or your company. Whatever works.

Take a look at The Grateful Dead for example, was a curious band, an odd amalgamation of rock, folk, blues, country, reggae, and who knows what else.:

“They’re not the best at what they do, they’re the only ones that do what they do.”

-Manager Bill Graham (who distinctly seemed to dislike me) on The Grateful Dead

In their 3 decades, they only had one top 40 hit (Touch of Grey).

But they had and still have perhaps the most dedicated fans the world has ever known. They are in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Rolling Stone magazine lists them as 57th their list of The Greatest Artists of all Time. They sold 35 million albums. Their legendary tours were among the top money makers year after year.

Maybe you can’t be the best DFIR person or pentester, but maybe you can be the best iPhone Forensics person or the top Asterix pentester or the absolute undisputed best at something that is just emerging now?

It’s worth considering.

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