Rock Stars Don’t Do Email All Day Long

Email will consume all your time and life if you let it — so don’t let it.

Rock Stars Don’t Do Email All Day Long!

Here are a few ideas to help tame email so you can spend time on more productive tasks – email is rarely the most important thing for you to concentrate on!

Always place time limits on email

Always place time limits on email. For example, you may choose to read email from ten to ten thirty, four to four thirty, and then a quick check after dinner. If you read email constantly, you’ll get very little done except for reading email!

You don’t have to answer all your email; no such law nor moral obligation exists


I ignore all spam and semi-spam. Even somewhat legit email will usually get ignored by me if I don’t know the sender and they couldn’t be bothered with visiting my site to figure out my name.

Then again, I get several emails from people I’ve never met who have read my books or read my blogs. I do try to respond, although sometimes briefly. Sometimes people are actually amazed when I respond!

You don’t have to answer email via email

Email Overload

I answer a lot of email by telephone. Yes, the telephone still works. Sometimes I’ll reply to emails via my cell phone while driving

home. Sometimes I’ll answer email in person, such as when my someone emails me and I can walk to the next room to see them. I’ll also deal with some email with responses like “Ask me when me meet Fri.”

Never respond to short emails with long answers unless absolutely appropriate

For example a one line question should not elicit a five page answer; the medium is not designed for exchanges of that sort. I often send one and two word responses, such as “excellent” and “yes” as appropriate.

Now if you’re procrastinating anyways, it’s OK to read email as it comes in, as well as to respond with long soliloquies if you’d like.

3 Responses to “Rock Stars Don’t Do Email All Day Long”

  1. Ruppert says:

    I had a manager who did email all day long every day – he hid behind his email as we all often joked. He wasn’t a very effective manager or even human I suspect

  2. Tom H says:

    I love the answering emails by telephone! Bet that surprises some people.

    • Ted Demopoulos says:

      It does surprise people who don’t know me Tom. It’s especially useful when I’m wondering what exactly they mean by their email – we could have 4 or 5 back and forths or more via email, wasting everyone’s time, or I can call during otherwise downtime, maybe in the car or walking to lunch, and handle it quickly.
      And if they don’t pick up, a simple message like “I don’t understand your email – more details please” or “I don’t understand your email – call me back” handles it.

      And if they just drop it – well then obviously it wasn’t important to them!

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