Guest Posts

A Mission from God, Blues Brothers Style: Kenneth G. Hartman

I met Kenneth G. Hartman at a security event in Madison in a few years ago and we’ve stayed in touch. I’m impressed with his creative approach to security as well as life, and he’s definitely provided great input for this site. Ken also jumped at the opportunity to write a guest post, and it’s […]

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Comfortable with Uncomfortable: geek2great

I ran into Keith Croxford and his excellent geek2great (Because ‘Average’ is Overrated!) recently online and am so happy he decided to contribute. Also check out his superb videos here! Let’s a take wild guess and assume that your daily schedule resembles a Python script called by Cron. Ok, maybe not Python, I like Python. […]

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Geek Success: Guest Post by Cindy Murphy

I reached out to Cindy Murphy for her input, and what she wrote up is awesome. And here it is – Ted I am happy to provide input, because the “DFIR Rock Star” conversation is one that I always find interesting. I guess I could probably be considered an ‘incidental’ digital forensics rock star… one […]

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