Infosec Rock Star contains advice from both the well known Rock Stars of infosec, lesser known but highly effective Rock Stars, and people that just get stuff done and make a difference.

This is an ongoing project by Ted Demopoulos, long time security consultant, speaker, decade or so SANS Instructor, and all around nice guy. Ted makes no claim as to being a Rock Star (although he has managed a couple of bands in the 80s), but he certainly knows many in the industry and has and is still gathering their wisdom, input, comments and more.

Ted is a published author, loves getting on stage in front of crowds, and sometimes writes about himself in the third person.

Send Ted some input, positive, negative, neutral, whatever, and you may find yourself in the list below:

Contributors who Ted hasn’t forgotten about include:

Dr. Eric Cole, Founder and Chief Scientist, Secure Anchor Consulting
Eric Conrad, Author, Certified SANS Instructor, and President of Backshore Communications
Clement Dupuis, CD, CCCure Owner and Founder
Joe Eckhout
Stephen Northcutt, The SANS Institute
Chris Crowley
Justin Searle, Managing Partner, UtiliSec
Johannes Ullrich
The Rock and Roll Guru
Cindy Murphy
Kenneth G Hartman
Micah Hoffman
Pierre Noel
Scott Wright, Security and Privacy Coach
Kevin Fiscus
Matthew Pascucci, Front Line Sentinel, @matthewpascucci
Thomas F Hart – Cyber/Information Security Consultant
Brian Gerdon, Arsenal Consulting
Keith Croxford, geek2great
Kai Roer, The Kai Roer Blog
Doc Blackburn
Randy Marchany
Susie Wallace
Matthew Pascucci
Gail J. Murray
Adrien de Beaupre

– and this list is constantly out of date and in need of updating!