April 2014

What Determines Your Pay the Most?

We as humans think a lot about money. Our parents probably tried to steer most of us into a field where there was lots of money to be made. At Dartmouth for example, almost everyone was “Pre Med” as it was seen as a very lucrative field. In infosec, we are in a well paid […]

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Changing Positioning: Changing YOUR Success

If you can change your positioning in people’s minds, you can dramatically increase your success. For example if the hot college chicks in my gym positioned me in their minds as an ultra cool guy they’d like to date, that might have a significant effect. Perhaps an opportunity for “Field Study?” And if the position […]

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Positioning: What People Think About You Matters

Positioning is the idea that everything holds a position in someone’s mind, and that position matters and is very difficult to change. If people think you and your department suck, life is going to be tough For example, if you are well respected and have a reputation for getting things done, and one of your […]

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