Infosec Rock Star, Geek Will Only Get You So Far

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“Ted, to those about to rock, I salute you … and always enjoy listening and learning from you. I always pickup new tips and tricks.”

Dr. Eric Cole, SANS Fellow, inventor of over 20 patents, author of numerous books, etc. Washington, DC

“Ted, I have known you for nearly 30 years – yes, that long – and I am not sure I have ever shared with you how much of a mentor you have been to me. I would probably not be where I am right not if I had not known you, and I want everyone to know what formidable knowledge, wisdom and FUN you bring around you and this book embodies all of that.”

Pierre Noel, Chief Information and Privacy Officer, Huawei, Shanghai

“Security is a process and people game.  The technology is always shifting.  This is a book which helps focus on the individuals who are on the front lines of the everyday security battles.  For this, it is a timeless book.”

John Strand, Owner, Black Hills Information Security, CTO, Offensive Countermeasures, Spearfish, South Dakota

“The Information Security profession has finally matured to the point where there are great white papers, guides, and books for nearly every esoteric technical topic imaginable. This book, though, is the only one that’s focused solely on personal development. It explores the ingredients – the methods, tools and techniques – that set top Infosec professionals apart from the crowd. In the same way a cube of ice can open up the flavors and aromas of a fine Irish whiskey, this self-help guide distills the secrets of success down into a wonderfully palatable mix of humor and good advice about how to stand out in a crowd of super-smart, talented people.  If you’re serious about launching your effectiveness as a practitioner and your career to the next level, RTFM.”

Cindy Murphy, President at Gillware Digital Forensics, Madison, Wisconsin


“Ted provides practical advice to help you become a modern security professional who goes beyond technical skills to advance to the next level. Read this book to learn how to create more value for your organization and ultimately the most value for yourself.”

Frank Kim, CISO and Curriculum Lead, SANS Institute, San Francisco, California

“Attending one of Ted’s Infosec Rockstar talks changed my professional trajectory as a digital forensics practitioner. Ted has this amazing ability to help geeks and nerds like us who love science and technology, to become better versions of ourselves by equipping us with strategies to really make a difference beyond just our technical and scientific expertise. Ted’s passion for improving cybersecurity in the world starts with his passion for making us the best cybersecurity professionals we can be.”

Jason Jordaan, Principal Partner, DFIRLABS, South Africa

“The InfoSec Rockstar book is something that you will want to reread on a regular basis as you contemplate your career in cyber security.  It will inform you, inspire you, and cause you to evaluate the trajectory of your career.  Every time I revisit the material, I gain new insights to apply to my personal growth as a security professional.  In fact, I’ve recommended it to all of my colleagues and those I mentor.”

Kenneth G. Hartman, SAP, Palo Alto, California

“Ted has been responsible for improving the way I approach clients, and tackle projects. His approach is more atypical, but it tends to be a more personal and tailored approach, aiming to benefit the audience, client, etc. as much as possible. By employing this in my day to day activities I noticed that I build much stronger and trusted relationships, both professionally and personally. Ted, keep on moving forward!”

Larry Vandenaweele, Security Consultant, PwC, Brussels, Belgium

“If you started or about to start your journey the Cyber security arena, filled with passion and you want to rock, you need to take it from the rock stars like Ted. His wisdom and knowledge are available to guide you though. Thanks Ted.”

Amna Almadhoob, Information Security Analyst, Bahrain

“It isn’t just about what you know!  Ted will take you to the next level with his sage advice on positioning yourself for the next big step in your career.  This book is a MUST READ for tomorrow’s cyber-security rock stars!”

Doc Blackburn, IT Risk and Compliance, University of Colorado, Denver, Colorado