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Ted Demopoulos

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Ted Demopoulos

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6 Responses to “Infosec Rock Star: Book Bonuses”

  1. Matthew Cotter says:


    I received your book yesterday and read the first 1/4 of it this morning. Great job on the book! it’s a lot of things I have thought about at some point but never put it all together! I have been a network/systems admin for 20 years now and for most of that 20 years I have been the only guy working for our small division in education at the University of Wisconsin, Extension – Continuing Education where we have to do more with less. Constant budget cuts and always having to beg for tools to help keep us as safe as possible. I am fascinated by infosec and was fortunate enough to take 6 classes from the SANS institute. Great information and your book is inspiring. I see myself as somewhere between stable and expert. there is so much information and I have to do so much at work, I am responsible for all networking, all SAN storage, VMware 60+ servers including SQL, I was the Exchange admin for over 10 years. its incredibly hard to Rock all those technologies when the field changes so fast. I don’t know if I just got burnt out, or just tired and overwhelmed by it all. I could never say NO! now we have grown some and I have turned down a promotion to be the IT Operations manager because I love working with the technology. I am working on my personal missions statement, and look forward to new possibilities!

    Thank you,


    Matthew Cotter MBA-MIS

    • Ted Demopoulos says:

      Hey Matthew,
      Thanks for the kind words and sounds like you are on a great path!
      Writing the book helped me put a lot of things together cohesively, with A LOT of help with my friends. I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment (and would love an Amazon or other review when you’re done too!)

  2. Dave says:

    Wow. So sad barely anyone has made use of this resource.

  3. Peter Jones says:

    Hi Ted, I have really enjoyed your book and arguably the first book I felt git the nail on the head of what I am wanting to achieve with my career. I do indeed want to be an InfoSec / Forensics rock star and be a light in the world like Dr Eric Cole. Lots of hurdles but the book has certainly helped me gain focus and confidence that I am doing the right things.

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